Hippy Times #02 🏋🏻‍♀️

So we arrive at Friday – the day before my operation and my first ever stay in a hospital.  Not bad going for a 57 year old.

This should have been my second to last week in the office but the operation has brought forward my departure – or so I thought………
My boss’ new EA, Victoria, has been scrambling to try and take in the myriad of information I am downloading in order to ensure that she is across all things ‘Boss related’.  There is so much information from where the car is parked to fellow board member information and trying to appraise her of projects that he is currently working on.  She will, I am sure, do a magnificent job and I feel comfortable leaving him in her hands.  Victoria however is taking a week’s leave after Easter when her Dad comes to visit from Tasmania – I have offered to go back and cover this week in the office.  This offer was greeted with pleasure and so I am not yet totally in the land of self employment as an online personal trainer and global virtual executive assistant
So, after my early morning gym session – only working on upper body due to the incapacitation of this damn left leg – we had a full on day today – back to back meetings for most of the day and on the day prior to the boss travelling for 5 days.  For those of you who are in the EA profession, you know how frantic this can be especially as there are things that need to be discussed before the boss’ departure and you just know you are not going to get time with him – remember, think about your processes as you are the one who may end up staying late or working at the weekend to ensure he’s fully briefed and comfortable with the travel arrangements and you have everything you need from him or her to enable you to move forward with your tasks next week.
So, after an entertaining and delectably delicious lunch with a previous boss who is the CEO of a large Australian corporate, I hobbled back to the office, walking stick in hand, sun shining with the thought in the back of my mind about tomorrow.  I am not scared per say but definitely a little nervous but also excited to get this new hip.  I know it’s going to be painful immediately post op but I am going to break with tradition and do everything I am told to aid a speedy recovery so that we can get on with our lives and our plans for Europe, hopefully expansion of online businesses and being close to family.
Thinking this would be a day when I would leave the office early, that proved to be very wrong.  I actually left ”on time’, whatever that means and rode home in the glorious sunshine on my scooter – I am going to miss this Piaggio but it will definitely not be my last.
A chilled evening of packing a couple more boxes to ship to my Mum’s place in the UK, packing my bag for hospital and watching TV with hubby and a lovely glass of red.
Hippy Times … 🏋🏻‍♀️

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