Hippy Times #19 🏋🏻‍♀️

And so to Saturday morning. We have quite a lot to get through today – we are up early as we need to check-out of this Airbnb which is really a shame because I only have two more nights in Australia and it would have been good to stay but here we are, packing our stuff and packing the car to move back to Lexi’s place for a couple of days. The weather is great – a lovely true Sydney autumn day – a little cooler in the morning but with the sun shining it’s great. My little pocket rocket and training buddy wants to carry everything to the car and my suitcase is almost as big as her. So, car packed it’s off to Lexi’s to unload as we don’t want the stuff to be in the car the whole time while we are at the Fitness Expo then it’s off to the gym.

We didn’t train with Phil on Thursday because I went to the Gold Coast and therefore we have our second session (and possibly my last ever with Phil). We’re a little unsure of what we want to train today so we decide to do a full upper body workout. We are put through our paces today, heavy weight and high reps. There’s pull ups, rows, lat pulldowns, shoulder press, lateral raises, upright row to overhead and then tricep push downs – great workout, feels so good to exhaust my muscles.

We realise we left something at the apartment so we decide to drive back there and pick it up and then refuel with food at the Grumpy Baker.

After breakfast we drive over to the International Convention Centre where the fitness expo is taking place and Kath is competing. She has sent a text this morning saying that her hair and make up is running way behind time and she is completely stressed – she will be ready but it is stressful when you are already stressed about the competition.

We have a quick look around the expo and then take our seats to watch Kath on stage. We can tell she’s not really happy with hair and make up but she comes on to stage with her smile and tan and she looks fabulous. Her number is 88 – that’s a pretty good number and she struts her stuff looking amazing. Kath places 1st in her category Fitness Model 40+ – fantastic work.

We have to drop the car back at 2 pm so we do so and then we get the bus to Bondi junction to sort out the transfer of my phone number to prepaid and get a holder for the SIM card so that it will fit in the old fashioned handset that David bought for my Australian number before we go to Lexi’s place. We are meeting Britt for dinner at Osteria Riva in Bondi Junction tonite so we just chill and watch a movie. Britt will be moving to the UK once her visa comes through so I’ll be seeing her on the other side of the world. Dinner’s fun and we chat about all manner of things – farewell to Britt and we are off home again.

It’s been an active long day so early to bed.

I’m awake at the normal early hour so get up and spend some time doing some admin and reading whilst waiting for Lexi to emerge from the comfort of her bed. A gym session this morning that consists of full lower body workout. Leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises, squats, sissy squats and hack squats. We are now absolutely starving and head off for breakfast. It’s my last full day in Australia today – so just a few things to do. After a great breakfast of eggs, smoked salmon, mushrooms and protein bread, it’s time to shower and then off to have a pedicure. Lexi stays home and I go to the nail place in Bondi Beach then decide to take a walk along the promenade as it is such a beautiful day. I WhatsApp David sitting on a bench at the beach – it’s so busy and the weather is like a summer’s day.

Returning to Lexi – who’s been trying to take a nap but not having much luck – we have a cup of tea and decide what to do for dinner. If Lexi’s ‘boyfriend’ decides to join us then we’ll go out but if not we decide that chicken, veggies and sweet potato will suit us just fine. We go out to buy the chicken and come across an Italian bakery where we buy two small cannoli for dessert. We’ve been watching the movie ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ because we have already seen Pretty Woman this weekend so thought we would have a Julia Roberts binge and Lexi hasn’t seen this film.

We have to get up early in the morning to get to the airport by 5.30 am so now it’s bed time – my last night in Australia.

Hippy Times 🏋🏻‍♀️

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