Hippy Times #21🏋🏻‍♀️

As usual, not much sleep on the night flight (Hong Kong to Madrid), just because there’s a flat bed doesn’t guarantee sleep. The movies were not much good either so I ended up watching a few episodes of Scandal which I must admit I love.

I am walking around intermittently to exercise my legs and keep my hip from stiffening up. It’s a little awkward to do my stretches but when everyone else is asleep, I am standing in the aisle doing calf raises, knee raises, stretching and doing froggies and glute bridges on the flat bed.

When we arrive in Madrid, I have a 4 hour wait for the next, shortest and final flight. The lounge is not that easy to find but eventually I locate it having walking all around the airport – more exercise which is good for me. When the flight is called, it is leaving from the gate which is the furthest away from the lounge – according to the signposts, its about a 15 minute walk. There are travellators along the way which takes a little out of the walk but all in all, it keeps me moving and is good when you have been sitting for so long on all those planes.

The one hour flight seems really short, no sooner have we taken off than we are landing and it’s off to see if my luggage, which was checked in at Sydney airport all the way through to Valencia, has made it for the whole journey.

I have a very large suitcase which may be an issue heaving of the conveyor belt so I station myself and my trolley next to this rather large middle aged man and his wife just in case I need to ask for help. My small bag comes off first and then I see the suitcase on it’s way towards me. I am very conscious that I should not twist at the hips for another week and so thankfully, the suitcase is on the end that exposes both the top and side handles – it’s not trouble at all to take off the belt and lands straight on my trolley. Quick check of how the hip and knee feel and it’s off through customs.

We have a one hour drive from the airport to Javea and I must admit that once I get there, my hip / leg feels stiff, it has been a case of extremes for the last 24 hours with periods of sitting, slow walking, pulling a small case etc etc and I know that once rested, it will be fine. So, decide to follow with tradition in Spain and take a siesta in the afternoon as I know we are off out to meet a circle of Dave and Fiona’s friends tonite at the local pub quiz. This turns out to be a rowdy raucous affair but very enjoyable and shock, horror, our team comes third. We arrive home at 11 pm and I’m almost dead to the world, off to bed for me and I go out like a light.

Hippy Times 🏋🏻‍♀️

1 thought on “Hippy Times #21🏋🏻‍♀️

  1. What a journey of flights! Madrid airport is sooo big, I feel your pain there! Glad to see you had a great first night and already gettting into Siestas… although, let’s see how long that lasts for you 😉 Love and miss you! x


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