Hippy Times #14 🏋🏻‍♀️

Saturday morning – I haven’t slept well again.  The bed is too soft I have decided.  I also have decided to cease taking the cortisol tablets as I think they may be contributing to my problem or perhaps I have just got into the habit of waking.

I phone the Dr’s surgery to check on how I get my dressing changed when the time comes and the lovely receptionist says that Dr Small will do it so I don’t need to make an appointment with the nurse – makes life a whole lot easier.

The gym is opening at 8 am – meeting Lexi there for a session– can’t wait.  I walk slowly up to the gym and my leg is feeling better than ever – remind myself not to get too confident and just take it slowly.  Nice slow heavy chest session today with Lexi and a few squats on the Smith machine – no added weight for me but we load it up for Lexi.

Training complete, it’s back home to have breakfast with David before he goes off for his first walk of the day.  When David goes off, I decide to go in search of a pedicure.  Walk back up to Oxford Village shopping centre and get a really good pedicure from California Nails– nice and handy.  I pop into Aldi – not somewhere I have really shopped before but they have some good stuff in there at good prices so I am quite impressed.  Can’t buy much though as I don’t have the shopping trolley with me and can’t carry a huge amount when I have the walking stick as well.

Lexi went to Health Nuts at Kings Cross for me to buy me some Creatine as I had run out so she is on her way over with that.  She’s been to East Village to get her nails done and stopped at the deli style shop there and bought herself some fresh bread and caviar.  This is her breakfast so I make coffee and we sit in the courtyard while she eats breakfast and we chat.

David comes back from his walk and asked me if I wanted lunch – I feel as though I only just had breakfast so he makes do with a fruit salad.

I’m feeling really good today, the hip is improving so well, I am so impressed.  Have found a series called The Crown on Netflix which our dear friends Phill and Viv said they enjoyed immensely so David and I have decided to watch a couple of episodes this afternoon.  It really is very good and I text Phill and Viv to thank them for the recommendation.  Viv calls shortly after and we chat about all things hippy and about all the stuff they are getting up to in their new home in Hobart, Tasmania.  They are doing tourist things and have joined a ‘meet up’ group and are making new friends.  They are really happy down there – it was a good move for them.

David returns from his second walk of the day and we spend the evening with a lovely curry.

Sunday – all my days are mixed up, not sure what day of the week it is – it hasn’t really mattered the last two weeks as I haven’t been working so there’s been no need to focus on it – freedom!

We have decided to go to the Sydney Fish Market today – haven’t been there in the longest time but saw an ad on TV with yummy prawns so thought we would take a trip out and get some lunch there.

We have an early breakfast then I go to the gym and David is off on his walk.  I am doing some very very light leg work today.  Pin loaded machines set at their very lightest – feels strange but mustn’t be tempted to push it.  Towards the end of the session my hip feels a little tired so I simply finish the last two sets as body weight exercises.  Then, it’s off for a 20 minute walk on the treadmill – just gently at 5 kms per hour.  It feels good to be doing some cardio or should I say a token gesture to some cardio.  It will come in time I know, so I just have to be patient.

We head to the fish markets on the bus – there’s a bus at the bottom of the road that takes us almost to the entrance of the market so not too much walking either end.  True to form, the market is absolutely packed – there are heaps of people everywhere and coach loads of tourists – everyone is vying for a spot to perch down and eat their lobster, prawns, oysters etc.  It’s a little nerve wracking as it’s so busy and I really don’t want to be knocked on my ‘bad’ side so I’m being quite protective of it.  The floors are also really wet so it’s a good job I have rubber thongs, I’m walking gingerly so as not to slip up.

We decide that the experience of buying food and eating it there at the market is really not that pleasant!  Firstly, there’s not really anywhere to sit unless you hover over people waiting for them to finish and then pounce.  Secondly, I’m not a big fan of seagulls on the table 😊.  We decide to buy prawns, anchovies, caviar and some fresh bread rolls and take it home to our little courtyard to enjoy with a cold glass of rose.  That’s much more pleasurable.

The rest of the day is spent lazing in the sun and reading.

This has been such a good recovery weekend so far – we may risk the Easter show for a few hours tomorrow – let’s see.

Hippy Times 🏋🏻‍♀️

PS: If you want to get an insight from David then follow our To Senija Blog,

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