Hippy Times #15 🏋🏻‍♀️

Tuesday morning and we’re doing legs at the gym.  I’m taking it easy and only doing body weight or pin loaded machines with virtually no weight on them at all.  The session is still very enjoyable as I am definitely in my happy place.

I returned this week to my old role as EA to the Chairman of an investment group based in Sydney.  His new EA has taken a week’s annual leave and I offered to go back for the four days and cover for her so off we go to the office.  I’m perfectly able to get around and have checked out all the chair heights and placed cushions in strategic spots for the chairs that may be a little too low and would mean my hip might need to bend beyond 90 degrees which is not allowed.  Everyone is being very considerate.  At lunch time, I decide to walk up to Kings Cross – it’s not far but probably will take me 15 minutes each way which means I get my rehab exercise in during the day too.

The walk from our temporary home in Berwick Lane to the office and back would also count for around 25 minutes so I am staying nicely mobile.  Tonite I have decided to not even try and sleep in the bed.  I tend to go to bed, sleep a couple of hours and then find that I am so uncomfortable with this urge to lay on my side.  Of course, the side position is not permitted so soon after the operation and therefore I need to get up to stop myself fidgeting and I go to sleep on the sofa.  So, I have decided just to start on the sofa and I may get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Wednesday morning looms and I wake at 3.30 am – much better than previously and I’m not sure if this is the position I can sleep in on the sofa or just because I did a day’s work and was more tired before going to sleep – more than one variable so I will never know.  I have a couple of things to organise this morning – a request to our Airbnb host for a late check out on Friday as our next place doesn’t allow check in until 3 pm so I’ll send an email.  Also, need to book another pick up by Seven Seas Shipping to ship some excess baggage – it’s sooo much cheaper than taking it on the plane and paying through the nose – the airline charges $30 per kilo so when you figure that the suitcase probably weighs a total of 30 kgs, it’s so expensive!!

A back session with my Personal Trainer and training buddy today – my favourite day.  Pushed and pulled some heavy weight but it’s only upper body stuff so won’t be detrimental to my recovery.

Off to the office for day two – the air conditioning in the building had broken down yesterday and still doesn’t seem to have been rectified – it is so stuffy in the offices, let’s hope some progress is made today.

My lunch time walk is to Storage King in Palmer Street to drop off the Foxtel box and sundry items so that it can be returned to them.  Seriously, Foxtel don’t allow you to cancel at a month’s notice unless it happens to be on your payment anniversary and to top it off, you also are responsible for returning the equipment – they don’t even pick it up now.

I haven’t heard back from Wolper Hospital about the out patient rehab.  I decide to ring Waratah Private Hospital to ensure that they have done their part of the paperwork.  Sophia at Waratah declares it has all been done and returned and that Wolper will be in touch.  I wait.  At 4 pm just as I had given up hope, Wolper call and they are booking me in for assessment and my first session on Monday 9 April – hydrotherapy too so I am looking forward to that.

I had written to the surgeon over the weekend asking them to move my follow up appointment to the week prior to my departure.  I received an email with very terse undertones and a refusal to move my appointment.  I wrote back outlining many reasons why this should be rescheduled not least of which was the fact that I was flying out of the country on 23 April and my appointment was scheduled for 2 May !! That in anyone’s books creates an issue I think.  Also, I advised them of a compelling need for good customer service and the fact that I and my health insurance have paid their fees and would appreciate some flexibility.  David was fired up and wrote a short and sharp email expressing his concern … to put it mildly! This obviously stirred something and so at 9 pm this evening, I received a call from the surgeon himself.  He apologised for the tone of the email etc and said that I should go and see him tomorrow morning at 8.30 am after having had a new x-ray.  Good customer service, good outcome.

Thursday morning and it’s a light leg session at the gym under the guidance of Phil Harding, Philosophy Fitness, my PT along with Lexi. After our session, Lexi comes home for a coffee.  We arrive at the house and David is sitting on the sofa with the front door open and it looks as though he has nothing on as he is working on his ipad and is surrounded by cushions – I gingerly ask if he is dressed as I have Lexi with me – phew, he is wearing his shorts I just can’t see them.

I am off to St Vincent’s Clinic to get my x-ray and consultation with Dr Nick.  This all goes very smoothly and the x-ray looks good.  Dr Nick removes the dressing from my op site – it’s the first time I have seen the size of the scar – it’s not looking too bad considering this is the first time it has been exposed and he declares that it is lovely and clean so all I need now is to use the Vitamin E Cream / Bio Oil to help reduce the scarring. He also removes two sutures which are not dissolvable.  Clean bill of health, Dr Nick is happy and so am I.  So, it’s off to the office.  As I finished earlier with Dr Nick than anticipated, I decide to call into home on the way to the office and drop of the x-rays. David is there and has listed LVC (Elvis) the scooter last night and somebody has already come and paid a deposit and returning in a short while to finalise the purchase – it’s only 9 am !!!

Whilst there I get a call from the driver of 7 Seas Shipping who is picking up one last box (in fact a large suitcase) to be shipped to the UK for our arrival.  There’s no way he will get up the lane in his van so I walk to the junction pulling the suitcase to meet him there whilst David is dealing with the sale of LVC.

Suitcase gone, I update David on Dr Nick’s feedback and it’s off to the office.  Although Dr Nick has told me I am OK to sleep on my stomach and my side, I find the bed in this Airbnb to be a little too soft for me and as I have been sleeping better on the sofa, I decide to remain there for tonite.

Friday morning is a shoulder session at the gym and this is our check out day to move to another Airbnb – which is even closer to the gym. Most of the stuff was packed last night but I am leaving David to do the final things such as food etc and to do the move.  The walk is about 8 minutes but with so much stuff to carry I am thinking he will use an Uber – wrong!  David decides it’s a good workout and makes 6 trips back and forth with the baggage.  I would have gone back at lunch time but have a farewell lunch to attend for somebody who is leaving where I previously worked (Caltex).  Was a great lunch.  Although the service was unbelievable slow, it was lovely to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a long time.

When I get ‘home’ to our new Airbnb, most everything is sorted out – what a gem of a hubby I have, he’s even done some grocery shopping.  We decide on dinner and then watch some Commonwealth Games coverage on TV – but David’s sister Kim has a bit of time to spare (she’s in the UK) and so he decides to Skype and catch up.  The bedroom here is on a mezzanine floor so I hear some of the conversation but I am absolutely exhausted and so fall asleep on the sofa for just over an hour until David comes downstairs and wakes me.  So, it’s off to bed – let’s see how this goes being in what seems to be a much better bed with far superior pillows and to cap it off, I am able to sleep in various positions rather than just on my back ……………….. watch this space to see how much sleep I get!

Hippy Times 🏋🏻‍♀️

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